About Us

MJK Enterprises Ltd specializes in the design and production of bespoke reproduction car badges and insignia, we also supply bespoke car club merchandise.

I am a keen classic car enthusiast and Carrie and I have over 30 years combined experience designing and producing bespoke promotional merchandise for companies worldwide.

Our business developed from my experience restoring my 1974 Saab 95 v4 called Gina.

I dealt with a number of specialist Saab specialists and most parts were readily available apart from nice quality new badges. Having a lovely paint job, I didn’t want to put surprisingly expensive plastic badges on my car.

Having designed and produced 100’s of bespoke metal promotional items over the last 20 years I decided I could make my own fairly easily. I had the advantage of a long term relationship with a fantastic factory in Chine who also produce car badges.

The reaction to the first badges we produced was fantastic so I continued to produce other hard to find badges mainly for Saabs.

There seemed to be a market for reasonably priced high quality car badges so our business has developed to offer this service for all marques.

Please feel free to call or email us with any queries or enquiries you may have.

Mark Lumb


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