Bespoke Keychains

Keychains remain the most popular car related promo product. With our vast experience we can produce virtually any kind of keychain, examples include:

  • Metal and enamel
  • Printed steel
  • Leather with metal keyfob
  • Soft PVC 2D or 3D
  • Welded pvc torch keychain
  • Woven or embroidered fabric keychains
  • Trolley coin keychain
  • Spinning keychain.

All of the above are completely bespoke and can be whatever shape, size and design you require.


A wide variety of fittings are available.


There is a huge variety of platings and finishes available for these products. The most common are nickel, chrome, gold or brass. These platings can be antiqued by hand if required and there are also options for textured finishes.

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