Car Club & Event Badges

Car Club and historic or commemorative event badges can be made in alloy injection material or die stamped copper, iron or brass to replicate or produce virtually any design or shape required.

Sequential numbers can be engraved on the front or back of the badges.

There are a wide variety of fittings so they can fit on a grill or a badge bar.


As standard badges are individually bubble wrapped, but we can supply a range of individual packaging options from velvet pouches to individual gift boxes.


A variety of fittings can be utilized with these badges, such as:

  • 3M double sided tape
  • Simple pins
  • Pins with threads and nuts or even bars.


There is a huge variety of platings and finishes available for these products. The most common are nickel, chrome, gold or brass. These platings can be antiqued by hand if required and there are also options for textured finishes.

Colour infills

We can incorporate / add colour to your design using soft or hard enamel, screen printing can also be utilized and clear epoxy coating or a dome can be applied where required.

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